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Hey y'all! Farmer's Markets hold a special place in my heart! My first real Farmers Market was the Davis Farmer's Market in Davis, CA. For this small college cowtown, the Farmers Market was more than a place to support local farms and artisans -- it was a social event. The Davis Farmer's Market was the first time I had a Pink Lady Apple, a yellow meat watermelon, raw asparagus, almonds not in can, and the most delecious apple cider of my life.


As a 'steader, I now appreciate the Farmer's Market for everything it offers -- a chance to directly support local farmers and artisans, a place to grow closer to your community, an opportunity to KNOW where your food comes from, and one of the easiest ways to challenge our broken food system. 


'Stead in the City is all about inspiring, encouraging, and supporting people to embark on a 'Stead journey of their own -- and the Farmer's Market is one of the major pillars, because whether or not you want to grow your own food, you can still access sustainably grown, local, in season food. And now, with this Summer edition market bag (I can't wait for the Fall bag) you can do it style! 

Mornings at the Market Reusable Market Bag *Summer Edition*

  • Current shipping time is 7-10 business days. Thank you for supporting my small business 

  • Each bag is designed by Tiffany Dobson and handmade by Stockton Rags. The bags measure as follows: 23.5"L (9" handle drop) x 14"W. The bags are constructed using heavy duty canvas.

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