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Some of my earliest memories are of gardening with my parents in our backyard in Sacramento, CA. I remember picking strawberries early in the morning to get to them before the birds, wrestling with cucumber vines, and being terrified to ask my Dad why he was building a dam (I didn't want to get in trouble for saying a curse word). Gardening was OUR THING, every summer, like clockwork. Now, with children of my own, I am super intentional about including them in on taking care of the 'Stead. Their favorite chores are digging holes when it's time to plant something and watering -- mostly watering themselves if we're being honest. These memories are so special to me, and I know they are special to them too.

I created One Seed Away: My First Garden Journal with kids and families in mind -- with the memories they will create in their gardens in mind. One Seed Away is an activity book, journal, and teaching tool all in one. There's space to organize your seed starting (or start planting), calendars to document your watering, pruning, and planting schedule, journal pages to record memories, coloring pages, and educational activities to learn about plant BFFs, hardworking worms, and so much more! Oh, last thing -- there's STICKERS!

One Seed Away: My First Garden Journal

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