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Welcome Back to the 'Stead | How I Set My Garden Goals

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Hey y’all!

It’s Tiffe from the ‘Stead,

Don’t call it comeback! (I’ve been dying to say that), actually feel free to call it that because well, I have been gone for quite awhile. The past several months have kind of been a whirlwind. Naively I suppose, I didn’t expect the transition back to California to be so much of a task but between finding a new job, a new house (in this nuts and half market), and adjusting to a new growing zone and climate, I was low-key running around like a chicken without a head. The content ideas and desire were there but the capacity was non-existent. I’ll go more into depth one of these days about the process of adjusting to a new growing zone but for now I’ll just dwell in this space of gratitude

Okay – on to the good stuff. What I’m growing this season!

Being in Zone 9a, I am able to start most of my seeds indoors as early as late December/mid January, but because I start my seeds in the greenhouse I waited until late January/early February to start my summer crop seeds. (If you’re curious on how to start seeds, be on the lookout for the upcoming YouTube video). Starting seeds isn’t required (you always have the option to buy plant starts), but knowing that you grew something from seed is like an extra flex on the already “I grew this myself” flex – plus it’s (typically) more cost effective in the long run, and if you get in the habit of saving seeds your chances of large harvests grow overtime because the seed/plant adapts to your micro-climate (yard conditions)

If you caught my last two Instagram lives you know my garden goals for this year are BIG! Humongous! Massive! A little cray – but that’s where the fun lies right? Honestly I really enjoy garden planning because it gives me a chance to 1) organize my seed collection, 2) reminisce about the previous season, and 3) let my imagination run wild about what’s to come.

To plan out my garden I follow these steps:

#1 - Look at Old Pictures of the Garden

Looking at old pictures of the garden helps me remember where things were planted the previous year and how well they did...or did not do. This year is interesting because most of my pictures are the from the old 'Stead. They still serve a purpose though -- great memories and things to look forward to!

#2 - Spend a Day Outside

Monitor how the sun moves and at what time. Where the shade hits, and which areas (if any) get no sun at all. This also helps determine the *BEST* place to put your garden chair, stump, or hammock

#3 - Consider - what will you do with your harvest?

Are you are champion of canning? Fierce with freeze drying? A boss at blanching and freezing? Consider what you will do if the harvest of your dreams comes true -- you would hate to put in all that work just for things to go to waste?

*Good rule of thumb: sharing your harvest is always a great plan!*

#4 - Organize Your Seeds

...aka make space for the seeds you are going to order

#5 - Write It Out & Make It Plain

Yea, your plans might change but writing or drawing out your garden plan is such a treat! I actually do this twice: once as like a rough/working draft, and again as the garden is flourishing as a work of art.

I also my Garden Goals chart to track what I start, when I start it, when I transplant, and when I harvest

Told you my garden goals were big!

...but I’m excited to get everything underway. What are your 2022 Garden Goals? Comment below or let me know on social!!

Ciao & Cheers!


P.S. I haven’t even told y’all about the new chicken coop!!

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