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I dream of the garden...

the lush, vibrant hues of yellow, pink, green, orange, red, and white. The ambient sounds of bees pollinating the most beautiful parts of the world, the hum of hummingbirds fluttering their wings, and the small gusts of wind from butterfly wings. The sweet smell of tomato leaves, blooming honeysuckle and roses in the air. Freshly spread compost, and a new batch cooking in the corner. The undeniable taste of volunteer nasturtium plucked from its stem, crunch of cucumber from its vine, and stained hands from berries of all kinds. The warm touch from the sun, sweat on my brow mimicking the sparkle of morning dew

I dream of the garden

Light complexion African American woman wearing a denim jacket, camo pants, and white tennis shoes holding a HoriHori knife standing in front of garden beds
2021 garden planning

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